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Minimal focus visibility on buttons

Note: This example is now out of date, referring to an earlier version of focus appearance.

The focus on the set of four black (  #000) buttons below is shown by turning a mid-grey (  #595959) one two pixel bottom border (which has a 3:1 contrast ratio difference to the black button) into a lighter grey border (  #A9A9A9). The change is difficult to spot even for people without visual impairment. Arguably, this would meet the draft SC "Focus Visible Enhanced" since the contrast ratio between default border color (  #595959) and focus state color (  #A9A9A9) is 3:1.

Not sure whether the fact that the focus state color has a contrast of only 2.4:1 to the white background needs to be considered here since it has strong contrast to the black button (8.9:1).

UPDATE: I have changed the width of the bottom border to 2px so it would not need 3:1 contrast requirement to the white background.

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Minimal focus appearance area

This is the proposed revised focus appearance requirement for minimum size of focus:

Minimum area: The area of the focus indicator is either:

This illustrates an edge case of the second option with small text links (in p, then in a list whoch could be a navigation) and minimum contrast of focus (3:1).

Purposefully horrid example which still seems to meet the minimum requirement of focus appearance

This is a text link

More text...

Still more text...

Focus color: #898   (contrast is 3:1)

There is currently no requirement saying how close the focus has to be to the element focused - this is admittedly an extreme example with a padding of 100px between link and focus indication via CSS border-right.